Serge Synthesizers, Video off of an iPhone and Video coming off of a laptop

I am working on some concepts of connecting a:

- Cola Bubble (which resides inside the Cola Messaging platform – and thus is accessed as “part of a conversation”)

- to an IoT Cloud platform called Electric Imp

- to a breakout box – which would have MIDI, CV, Triggers and Gates and even ‘samples’

- to a Serge Synthesizer

- to a couple of TV screens – one displaying the iPhone (which we’re having the Cola conversation with) and the other screen displaying imagery (video, photos, websites) coming off of a laptop (or 2nd iPhone)

imp config

Blogging vs Facebook vs Twitter vs LinkedIn

Yes – these are all social media channels.

Yes I have been blogging – since the beginning.  My original blog can be found at:  There are also archives that go – all the way back, but the links are broken.  Yes I’ll fix that – one day.

In the mean time – I post about 5-10 times a day – on Facebook.  Everything I post on Facebook gets ricocheted over to Twitter.

Once in a while when I write something on Medium, I’ll also post it on LinkedIn.

Content before Technology


I’m turning 60 on Jan. 13th, 2017.  I was born the day that Humphrey Bogart died.

I’m going to put on a show for my birthday which will be the first layer of an inter-disciplinary interactive offering.

The goal is to present:

- Education

- Entertainment

- and new forms of Interactivity

- across multiple platforms:

- web

- mobile

- chatbot

Wish me luck.  We’ll be streaming it live and recording that live show.  Words, Links and live screens will be recorded along with the show – as the first layer.

We will then add interactivity on top of that Content – in post-production.  Eventually that will happen – in real-time.

What do:

- Serge synthesizers

- Schubert

- Drones

- Flamenco

- Viv

- Poetry by Todd Siegel

- the latest news

- and some product demos

all have in common?

Come to the show – to find out!

Hi! My name is Marc Canter

Welcome to my new blog –

If yah wanna know some background on me – just check out my Timeline, my Wikipedia page or start clicking or tapping on all the links I’ve exposed in the next few posts.

There have been a lot of great interviews of me – over the years.

Dan Farber at ZDNet did a video Interview of me

Alex Williams for theNewStack (Part 1Part 2)

I’ve given a LOT of Speeches over the years, worked on open standards efforts and helped create all sorts of products and companies.

I have a Theme Song……

I even help others!



Been through a lot since I left Cola

January 2016 – thought about reviving the MediaBar. That led me to start working on a Slack Bot.

February-April 2016 – was asked to resuscitate the “Digital City” project and recast it as “Skills training for Health and Wellness”.  We worked on a Pilot for Solano County, CA

May 2016 – started thinking about ChatBots seriously

June-July 2016 – Synthetic Personality time……

Been having a blast now that my family is back……IMG_0694

I post a lot on Facebook, been writing longer pieces on Medium and even check out LinkedIn – once in a while.

Kind of bugged my Wikipedia page is so gamed.  They call me a “blogger” (barely any mention of what I do) and they’re fixated on my grandfather.  I wonder why.

I wrote a book called “How to build the Open Mesh.” (Blurb) (lo-res PDF) (hi-res PDF)

I’ve talked about Persona Editors – which is a two-way on-line outliner.

I worked on a “Digital City” project in Cleveland, Tampa, Lafayette, LA, Jamaica and Kansas City.

My old original blog – is here.

And the original version of this blog – is here.