Ben Werdmuller, Latakoo and IDNO

An old friend of mine named Ben Werdmuller came by to visit and to be fair – Ben actually had TWO companies to clue me in on.

The first – which is Ben’s “day job” – is called Latakoo.  They’ve gotten some Angel money, they’ve got customers and they’re well on their way to getting more funding.  But that’s not what I care about.  I’m a product guy and Latakoo has a really interesting play in the on-line video arena – which is making it really simple to upload video, store it and then use it, in various manners.  Newsrooms is what Ben and Latakoo is currently focusing on and they have some pilots going with NBC – as we speak.

Video has been a huge bugaboo in our industry and I’m familiar with Brightcove and Kaltura – but I had not heard of Latakoo before.  They’re mainly focused on “smartphone” kind of video – but they can certainly handle any kind of video, on up to pro-level quality 4:2:2 huge sized clips.  There’s little I can add to Latakoo’s business model or approach, except to wish them luck – and add them to the list of vendors in this ultimately hot arena.

container-schemeBen also clued me in on a new “side project” he’s working on – which is something that Ben and I have shared the same dream of – for some time now.  It’s called IDNO and it’s billed as “a decentralized open source social networking platform which can be used to power your social network, intranet or personal site.”  OMG!  This is EXACTLY what I’m all about.  You see Ben was the co-founder of ELGG - which was another white labeled social networking platform in the 00′s.  Ben left London to come to jolly old San Francisco, and is a typical, high-energy entrepreneur who can easily handle two completely different projects – and do them both – really well.

So IDNO is a project that I’d like to get involved in and help – so I immediately pitched Ben on some of my thoughts that I’ve been having recently regarding shared ‘meta-data’ that I call “dashboard containers.”  Recent epiphanies have led me to this new OS called CoreOS - which uses Docker - and so Ben and I spent an ADDITIONAL hour just rapping about that.

You see one of the challenges in having a truly distributed network of inter-connected websites, social networks, eCommerce sites, brochure sites, OpenGov Citizen dashboards, etc. – is keeping them all in sync.  If a teenage girl uploads a photo of herself on a Friday night and changes her mind a week later, she can go and change her access privileges on HER site – but what about all those OTHER sites who now have her photo?

I believe that utilizing CoreOS and Docker container – to update a mutually agreed upon micro-formats schema (see <-) – THEN we can agree upon updating and DNS-like synchronization – to keep us all in sync – with each other  under the kind of control we all wish and need to have!

So I’ll be working on this concept – and hopefully Ben will help.  I now need to pitch this to Tantek Celik and Kevin Marks….

So much to do, so little time.

So you’ll be hearing more about IDNO and Ben in the coming months.

In the mean time, check out Latakoo!

BTW Ben is one of the folks who gave me feedback on my book “How to build the Open Mesh” and actually and visited me out in Walnut Creek and saw my “mural fence.”




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