David Brodsky and OpenWatch

David BrodskyOne of the coolio things about teaching at CWRU is meeting some awesome students who rose above the conformity embraced in Cleveland to focus on unique, value added propositions to change the world.

I had the good luck and fortune of teaching David – who actually took BOTH my courses there – and who I worked with on a design for a USB form factor, name tag, wireless key/identity thingie.  David got his EE degree, went to Cali, took on some jobs – but eventually co-founded a startup called OpenWatch (along with Rich Jones and Chris Ballinger.)

You go to the site and you’re IMMEDIATELY struck by the chaos, violence and issues of the world.  This is EXACTLY how on-line media should be used to spread messages, get the word out and connect people together.

OpenWatch - currently – is for assigning citizen journalists stories – which they then can go report on – and send back to “us.”  Its a compelling, vibrant kind of community site which will help bring on-line journalists together to help change the world.

I’m incredibly proud of David.  He’s found funding, is doing his thing and he can wake up in the morning – and look at himself in the mirror and know that he’s doing his part.  This is the big problem with youth today. They’re often lured by the pot of gold promises, and so go work for the Borg or even worse – Zynga.

But David started OpenWatch!

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